Today, management and reporting of multi-layered data, etc. providing added value in many areas; Machine learning technology, which allows creating more logical and scientific predictions for the future, is now in the VOC TESTER system.

Our Tübitak R&D supported project on DEVELOPING DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR THE TESTING AND MATERIAL ANALYSIS OF QUESTIONS UNDER QUESTION BANK MANAGEMENT has been completed and our project has been approved by Tübitak.

Under the consultancy of Prof. Dr. Ömay ÇOKLUK BÖKEOĞLU and Assoc Dr. Alptekin DURMUŞOĞLU we integrated our R&D project into our infrastructure.Thanks to this new system that we have integrated into our infrastructure, your question bank will be more qualified and exams will now be more measured.

The metrics of all available questions in the question bank and the answers given by the candidates to these questions will make various propositions to you thanks to machine learning. These propositions;

-How accurately a question can measure candidates,

-Reporting of the quality of response options according to the responses given and, if any, regulatory recommendations for these response options,

-It will provide many benefits such as determining your questions that are thought to have lost the ability of measure.

Machine learning technology will improve day by day in the VOC TESTER system and will help increase the quality of question banks and therefore exams with many suggestions in the short and medium term.