VIDCO announces its commitment to excellence with software that exceeds customer expectations. VIDCO provides services with the awareness of responsibility including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 10002 requirements that meet the requirements of integrated management systems with regards to;

  • Increasing customer loyalty by providing customer-focused services that add value to customers and prioritizes customer satisfaction,
  • Implementing and maintaining all existing management systems within the scope of the principle of continuous development and improvement and creating customer-specific services by continuously improving them with high-tech solutions,
  • Offering high-quality, efficient, cost-advantageous, value-added services to its customers,
  • Keep the employee motivation and satisfaction at the highest level with the invesment of human,
  • Make employees conscious of Quality and Information Security,
  • Comply with all applicable legislation applicable to the activities of the organization, the requirements of the relevant parties and the requirements of the organizations to which it is a member,
In line with the principle of quality;

Constantly improve the quality of the service it provides to its customers, always keeping the quality at the forefront while representing its customers,

In accordance with the information security and Privacy Policy,

Implement, maintain and continuously improve the information security management system that adheres to the principles of privacy, integrity, sustainability and accessibility, taking into account applicable legal regulations, customer requirements and other relevant requirements,

Our organization is committed to meeting its risk assessments as a company that determines its current risks and does the necessary work to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.