RACIH, is the new generation exam system which provides that without technical information you can do both online exams and test. RACIH has been prepared with MVC architechture, and its reliable substructre and its high performance RACIH saves time.

  • With latest technologhy and its reliable sebstructure it provides uninterrupted service.
  • With high performance it saves time.
  • With its customizable modular substructure it makes you make difference on industry.
  • It also allows you to acces your data on your website with mobile application.
  • All form data is archived on the management panel and facilitates your reporting.

With its reliable substructre prepared with the latest technology, you can perform Remote Digital Safe Exam with supervisor control and camera all over the world, regardless of distance.

You can do your exams in a supervisor-controlled classroom environment without the need for paper, using a tablet or computer.

You can assign unsupervised exams to the participants at a certain time interval before or after the training or in your recruitment.

With corporate service package, we are with you with our expert team in all exam processes. We support you in exam organizations, whether one or 100,000 participants.