RACIH, formerly known as Vidco CMS, is a Content Management System that allows you to easily manage your websites without technical knowledge or advanced user experience. Built with MVC architecture, Racih saves time with its reliable infrastructure and high performance. With the integration of the Racih API, you can also access the data on your website via the mobile application.

  • Provides uninterrupted service with reliable infrastructure designed with the latest technology.

  • Saves time with high performance.

  • Customizable modular infrastructure allows you to differentiate from your competitors in your industry.

  • Easily manage your sites without requiring coding knowledge

  • Content-based enhanced SEO options move your sites to the top of the search engines

  • Content Management System (CMS) provides enterprise solutions tailored to your needs

  • Allows access to your data on your website through the mobile application at the same time

  • All form data is archived on the management panel and makes reporting easier.


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