The Digital CEO and Leaders Summit of the Vision 100 platform, held at the Bostancı Dedeman Convention Center on 19 November 2019, attracted a lot of attention with the intense participation of approximately 300 senior levels.

Vidco Software General Manager Mr. Celal Fatih Demirkan's preliminary opinions about the future began to be experienced clearly all over the world.

Fatih Demirkan's views;

Vidcone Software, over 100 users in Turkey use the Smart Exam and Education System.

In the next 10 years, many areas such as the technologicalization of agriculture will become technologic. After 30-40 years, with the support of artificial intelligence, 15 doctors will be able to do the job together with 1 doctor.This situation will cause a serious change in society and cause unrest.Actually, we have been in this for many years. Digitalization is a process of 50-60 years, simply there were people selling tickets in our lives.These caused an unrest in the world and this unrest will increase exponentially. The Chinese have a saying, They say it coincides with the period of change, while we are in a period of change right now, and as a result people will work less.

I think there will be situations threatening the formal education period in the field of education and examination assessment and evaluation within the framework of our own product.
There is a serious e-learning part, and there is an examination process in the process of obtaining the degree here. Recently, a development has been taking place regarding the exam process, we are going towards a period when people can now take exams from home.
100 years ago, just like people did not have a weekend break, now there is, 50 years later people will work for 3 days.